Memorial Edition

Historical Encyclopedia of New Mexico
New Mexico Historical Association
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Index Copyright  © 2008 by Marge Davis


NEW MEXICO, the Land of enchantment, the fourth largest in area of
the United States, is located in the southern portion of the Rocky
Mountain district. The climate and scenery are unexcelled in any part
of America. The citizens of New Mexico are prosperous and
progressive. The history is colorful and romantic and dates back to
the founding of our nation.

In the preparation of the Historical Encyclopedia of New Mexico, our
aim has been to make it a publication of practical utility that will
be informative, educational, interesting and attractive to the
greatest possible number of people. In addition to the History of New
Mexico, historical sketches of leading cities arid interesting
articles on the many varied industries and activities, we have
compiled and tabulated the principal facts of interest regarding
every city, town, county, and district of the State, which we have
arranged alphabetically and carefully indexed.
In view of the many topics of interest in which it is important
that full and reliable information be published, we have secured the
collaboration of many eminent men, women, and organizations of New
Mexico who have contributed articles covering subjects on which they
are recognized as competent authorities. The Historical Encyclopedia
of New Mexico is not the work of any one person or group of persons
but the product of a great number of most capable citizens of New

This work is illustrated with appropriate photographs depicting
the history, as well as the industries and scenic attractions,
panoramic views, street scenes, parks and views of New Mexico
industries. Maps of railroads, highways, forest reserves, Indian
reservations, geographical and political divisions of the State,
accompanied by indexes to all towns and counties, are a valuable part
of the work. An added feature of the publication is devoted to the
representative citizens of New Mexico who have had an integral part
in the New Mexico history arid who today represent the political,
professional, commercial, and industrial life of the State.

We offer this work to the reading public not only as a
historical and pictorial review of New Mexico, but as a standard
reference encyclopedia for public and private libraries, banks,
business and professional offices, schools, hotels, newspapers,
civic, social, and publicity organizations, and all others seeking
reliable information upon New Mexico.

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